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Dame otro tequila

Dark Tequila, which causes more than just a bad hangover, is a malware campaign targeting Mexican users. Even though it was just announced by researchers from Kaspersky Labs, Dark Tequila is believed to have been around since 2013. So no, it’s probably not related to...


Are your a Good Rabbit?

This news may seem like a déjà vu but, unfortunately, it’s not. A new ransomware infection spread yesterday through some countries in Europe, mainly Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Turkey. The bug, known as Bad Rabbit, infiltrated computers by pretending to be an Adobe Flash installer...


Is your Wi-Fi on KRACKs?

New critical security vulnerabilities affecting wireless networks have just been announced. These weaknesses in WPA2, a protocol that secures all modern protected Wi-Fi networks, are in the Wi-Fi standard itself, not in individual products or implementations. This means that an attacker within range...


We received our first patent!

U.S. PAT#9,313,602 Does your line of work make you dependent on technology? Do you need your laptop or PC (or your customers’ laptops and PCs) to be up and running 100% of the time? We understand your pain and that is why our invention is for...


Oh, look, yet another cyber vulnerability!

A new vulnerability, LogJam, was discovered by researchers at Microsoft and a number of US and French universities. The LogJam attack vulnerability would allow an attacker to decrypt secured communications. It affects the Transport Layer Security protocols that web sites, VPN servers and mail servers...


Chrome can now warn users of their own stupidity

There is no such thing as foolproof security because fools are very ingenious. Google can hire the best security engineers or harden its servers but it can’t stop fools like us from entering our Gmail password on the first fake login page we come across....


Your search data is now downloadable

Ok, so Google now will let you export your Google search history. There is nothing more revealing about you than your search history – except, maybe, for those pictures of you naked that were shared in SnapChat. ...


Google vs Microsoft

Google revealed details of another Windows security hole that will leave users exposed at least until February 10th. The new vulnerability allows hackers to impersonate a user and decrypt or encrypt data...


We are innovation

We are psyched to present to you the newest member of the Beta Brain family: the BBx20! During our team’s weekly recaps, the issue of a client needing support but not having connectivity kept coming up. For us, this means having to physically go to...